Endre Davids
Owner & Consultant

06 3743 2627

Digital and customer-oriented CCO, who's keen on optimising business strategies and results by adapting usefull innovations.

Bram Lenten
Owner & Consultant

06 1371 5327

The pragmatic translation of abstract and strategic discussions suits me. I talk and think quickly. When I enter an organization, I immediately recognize problems and challenges. 

Flurin Egger
Chief Technology

06 1943 4294

I love creating kick-ass stuff with extraordinary interfaces. And currently my work mainly revolves around conversational interfaces (think chatbots, voice, etc.).

Bart Meerdink
Digital Strategy Consultant

06 5586 1051

12y+ experience in digital & social strategy. Highly passionate about making digital as human and relevant as possible. Love it when a plan comes together.